Electronic data interchange (EDI) is a method that allows data exchange between business partners via different electronic means but in a standard format. Luckylion has been investing on EDI connectivity with airlines and ocean liners for the benefits on operation efficiency and data quality. EDI plays an essential part in Luckylion Tracker application for the exchange of shipment information with business partners. More than 90% of container statuses can be obtained from carriers by electronic means, ensuring a reliable source of information to share with externally and internally.

Since 2003, global security measures have been enforced for freight forwarders and logistics companies to meet with regulatory compliance needs. Since Luckylion needs to provide shipment information in advance for customs declaration, a comprehensive EDI platform is vital to simplify the data entry process for overseas partners. For this, the proprietary network we established will support EDI information flow from the Far East to USA and Europe.